20 teams to feature in T20 World Cup


The T20 World Cup will be held in India this year and in Australia the following year. The ICC is said to be in talks to increase the number of participants in the T20 World Cup to 20 starting with the 2024 edition. In which 20 countries will be divided into four groups. It is understood that talks are underway to increase the number of ODI teams from 10 to 14.

The ICC has also expressed interest in participating in the Olympics. Similarly, the ICC has expressed support for renaming the ICC Intercontinental Cup. There will be competition among the Intercontinental Cup Associate nations. That will be first-rate.

The format of this competition will be different from the previous ones. According to reports, the competition will be renamed. It is said to be played in the style of a test. The ICC is considering naming a second-class test.

Having 20 countries participate in the T20 World Cup and 14 countries participate in the ODIs will be very beneficial and comfortable for the associate countries, including Nepal. Only ten teams competed in the 2019 ODI World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) was heavily chastised for not allowing Test teams such as Zimbabwe and Ireland to compete in the World Cup.

With only ten teams in the World Cup, participation for an associate country has become a pipe dream. The second division’s Test style will greatly assist associate countries such as Nepal in realizing their dream of playing Tests. Cricket development and culture are expected to change as well.

Nepal is currently preparing to compete in the global T20 World Cup selection for 2022. With 16 teams in the World Cup, Nepal in Group A must finish in the top two to qualify. World Cup Qualifier in One-Day Internationals Nepal has competed in the ICC World Cup League-2.

With seven teams competing in World Cup League 2 until 2023, finishing in the top three guarantees a spot in the global qualifiers. If Nepal does not finish in the top three, they will have another chance to compete in the global if they finish in the top two in a qualifier play-off. Nepal has only played four games in the Super League 2 since it began in 2019.




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