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Aarati Bidari Unseen or Ignored?

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) categorized women cricketers like the male cricketers .CAN who always ignored or gave less priority to women’s cricket and cricketers ,they did the same mistake while doing the classification.

Aarati Bidari was one big name that was missing form the list published by CAN. This decision was shocking because her all team mates was easily recognized by CAN but exclusion of Aarati Bidari was shocking and controversial.

CAN classification of player was as

No description available.

The criteria for classification was not known by anyone niether it was based on recent performance nor on past performance , regular and big name was missing from the list.

Follwoing this announcement Aarati Bidari expresses her disappointment on her facebook account

No description available.

She also asked reason for her exclusion from CAN stating” Player who was not even in the national team and player whose performance was below par finds their name in list but why was I excluded ?”.

Aarati is a big name in Women’s cricket and a player who has proved herself on many occasion , her exclusion was disappointment for her fans along with the well wishers of Nepalese women’s cricket. She always raises her voice and work hard for growth of women’s cricket in Nepal . She was the one who carried Nepalese women team after the suspension of CAN . We don’t know whether she was unseen or ignored by a CAN but this was sure an unfair call that can demotivate any players.

Such type of Mistake was not a new for CAN , either it was ignoring Subash Khakurel in a similar way they did with Aarati or placing Lalit Rajbanshi on Grade B.

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