About US

cricketcorners.com is the official website for Cricket Corner.

Cricket Corner is a group for cricket enthusiasts that has been working to unite and entertain fans and also works to support in the development of cricket in the country.

Purpose of the website

cricketcorners.com is created to provide cricket related news and information accurately to the fans and also provide fans a platform to have their say. We aim to make the cricket more familiar with people via different stats , news , article. we don’t promote any kind of hate towards anyone.

What do we do?

Cricket Corner organizes cricket simulation tournaments, fantasy-XI contests, match prediction contests, cricket quizzes and many more for the fans. We also often organize cricket matches to have some fun and sometimes also for the cause. We have also been working in the development of women’s cricket in Nepal with Bardibas Nobel Cricket Academy and Nirvana Cricket Academy and also raised amount to help Dhurmus Suntali foundation in the making of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium.

You can always be supporting us through our Facebook page and Facebook group.

Contact Information

Email : info@cricketcorners.com

Mob: 9846740505

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