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Cricket Quiz

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Q.1 ) In which year did Kane become the ODI captain for the first time?

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Q.2) Which batsman holds the embarrassing distinction of being run-out most often in ODI cricket?

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Q.3) Who is the only bowler to have conceded 90 or more runs twice in a World Cup ODI?

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Q.4) Which two teams faced off when the UDRS was implemented in ODIs?

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Q.5) Which was the first T20 league to implement the Decision Review System?

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Q.6)How many individual centuries have been scored in World Cup finals so far?

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Q.7) Against which opponent did Pollock pick up his only 10-wicket match haul in Tests?

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Which is the only team who has better Win to loss ratio against Australia?

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Q.9)Where did MSD play his final Test?

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Q.10) Which player hold the record for hitting 3 consecutive sixes in his T20I debut?

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