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Q.1) Successful batsman and commentator lost his job when he passes the racial comment , what's his name?

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Q.2) In past Australian team used to print certain type of name in their Jersey in T20I format , what name they used to print?

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Q.3) Which IPL team introduces the style to print their twitter name in jersey ?

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Q.4) Who was expensive Indian uncapped player before K Gowtham?

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Q.5) Which among the following player has never won ODI MOM award ?

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Q.6) How many players make up an indoor cricket team?

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Q.7) Which batsman score the winning run for SA in their historic run chase of 434 vs Aus?

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Q.8) How many time Pakistan defeated Indian in T20 format?

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Q.9)Who was man of the match in 2002 Natwest series final?

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Q.10) Who was India 1st T20I mom ?

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