Further delay in central agreement for cricketers

Even six months into 2021, the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has been unable to announce the new grade division and central agreement for players. CAN, which signed a six-month central contract with the player in 2020, had already paid the player’s full salary at the time.

Last year, CAN stated that the Corona pandemic prompted a six-month deal and that a new one would be announced later. However, based on the same grade division, the players have been paid the 2020 salary. CAN has been unable to secure a new contract for 2021.

CAN established a monthly salary of Rs 50,000 for male grade A players, Rs 40,000 for male Grade B players, and Rs 30,000 for male Grade C players last year. Women players were included in the grade for the first time, and each player in A grade received Rs 15,000, B grade received Rs 12,000, and C grade received Rs 10,000.

CAN, which had been criticized initially, later improved by retaining the captain and coach. In 2021, because the grade was not made public, the players were unable to receive compensation. The CAN board of directors met in April. It appointed a three-member committee consisting of Prashant Bikram Malla, Rajubabu Shrestha, and Sanjay Rajsingh to determine the central contract for 18/18 women and men players by May 15 submit a report.

The committee had stated that it would invite two experts to the committee. However, the selection committee has not submitted the report after two weeks. The report is expected to be submitted in three weeks at most. Former captain and CAN cricket manager Binod Das is almost sure to be an expert.

We are preparing to move forward by establishing classification criteria. We will set a standard of player classification this week by contacting Vinod and three others. We will most likely submit a report to CAN within the next 10-15 days,” said Prashant, a classification committee member.

According to Malla, the player classification will be released this month based on international and domestic competitions. “We will establish a baseline for the international community. The critical factor is how the team performs. On the other hand, competition has been scarce. We will fairly publish the grades,” he stated.

Prashant asserts that home performances will be equally critical. “Players who have not competed at the international level cannot be retained solely based on their domestic performance. The central agreement’s purpose is to distribute funds to international players. The domestic performances of the international team’s players will be monitored, he stated.

Since the 13th South Asian Games (SAG) on December 13, 2019, the women’s team has not played an international match. In this instance, the two most recent domestic competitions, the Prime Minister’s Cup and the Lalitpur Mayor’s Championship are performance-based.

The men’s team has participated in two domestic tournaments over the last year, in addition to the triangular T20 series earlier this month. The men’s team participated in the Prime Minister’s Cup and the Mayor’s Cup in Kathmandu. Nepal is scheduled to face Scotland and Namibia in a triangular One-Day International series in the third week of July if the series is not postponed due to Corona. Scotland’s series will almost certainly take place in Spain.

Central Agreement 2021 is almost certainly going to be postponed. The committee’s report will not be made public until the CAN’s Central Board has approved it. Due to Corona, it is unlikely that the central board will meet immediately. It is possible to accomplish this with the use of virtual reality technology (online). However, the likelihood of a slow can is remote. In general, it seems as if the central agreement will remain secret for some time.

Central agreement players of 2020

Male grade:

Grade A: Gyanendra Malla, Paras Khadka, Sandeep Lamichhane, Sharad Bheswakar, Karan KC, Basant Regmia, Dipendra Singh Airee, Binod Bhandari and Sompal Kami.

Grade B: Susan Bhari, Arif Sheikh, Pawan Sarraf, Abhinash Bohora and Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi.

Grade C: Subash Khakurel, Rohit Kumar Poudel, Kushal Malla, Rashid Khan, Kamal Singh Airee and Sandeep Jora

Women’s grade:

Grade A: Rubina Chhetri (Belbase), Neri Thapa, Indu Verma, Sita Ranamagar and Karuna Bhandari

B Grade: Jyoti Pandey, Apsari Begam, Roma Thapa, Vindu Rawal, Kavita Joshi, Ritu Kanojiya, Kajal Shrestha, Saraswati Chaudhary Sarita Magar

C Grade: Kabita Kunwar, Dali Bhatt, Anuradha Chaudhary, Sonu Khadka, Anjali Chand, Shobha Ale, Suman Khatiwada and Mamta Chaudhary.


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