How cricket transform to Curse from a Passion.

In free writing contest organized by Cricket Corner facebook group , we got a email from one of our member .

He explained how cricket changed his whole life .

It was written as :


It just might be a game for many of us but for me its curse now. I lost my everything just because of this cruel game.

Things were not like this few years ago. I was mad mad about this game. I belong to a village , where there was no cable. I used to travelled 3km just to reach the chowk to watch the match.

I was very good at cricket , I represented my school and +2 college both as a captain. But my dad didn’t like it. I was alone son and belonged to a middle class family he wanted me to help him and to earn some money from part time job as tiution teacher.
I don’t know why , my whole focus was just on cricket . From morning to evening cricket was running on my mind. You can call it cricket sickness .

I was slected for Intra college competititon for which i have to go to training in the cricket acamedy for a week , my mom was sick at the home. Dad told me not to go as ur mom is sick and there will be no one to look after her once he leave for the job. But i didn’t listen to him and went for the training. Mom being the mom she also insisted me to go . I went for the training.
I was so much busy and involved in this game i didn’t even checked my phone which has 39 miscalled from my mom number. I called my mom number but no one answer it , i called thrice but the result was same. I thought mom might be busy in cooking or some other work. Next day same thing happens mom phone was unreachable. I called Dad’s number he was not picking the call. I kept calling him at last he do picked it up but scolded me very badly saying “You & your cricket killed ur mother”.
I was blown , my feet was seized . I was unable to stand. I called my one of my friend and he told me my mom died yesterday suffering a chest pain and there was no one to take her to hospital. She called you but you didn’t answer her call (my mom was not too educated , she cant dial the numbers, the number which is in top of call list she can make call to that number only).

I was one that son who can’t even see last face of my mother forget doing her rituals. And the reason for that is only me and this gamw which has turned out to be a curse for me. Please guys nothing is important than your family , if i had stayed with my mom she might be with me now.

Same day i packed up all my cricket kit and burnt them and took the oth i will stay a miles away from this word cricket. It’s been 4 years and my father still don’t talk with me. I tried everything to make him to talk with me but he dont even give me a look.

I don’t who added me to this group , i saw one post about free writing and am sharing this mine. And yes i left the group as well.

This is why i keep making distance from cricket and why i called this game a curse. “

CC member (Bishal Sharma)

Sabin koirala

Sabin koirala sports  journalist by profession working for many online portals . Cricket is my passion and I simply love writing about cricket.

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