It was very difficult after my father’s demise; Aarati Bidari

If you have a will, passion and dedication then nothing can change your determination and goal. Aarati Bidari is one of the perfect examples. Aarati Bidari was unplugging on the ‘Nepal Women Cricketer’s Series’, presented by Cricket Corner in the clubhouse.

Women cricket and players get very little opportunity to expose/prove themselves. They didn’t get enough platform to express their views & share their journey. Bidari, firstly thanked cricket corner for providing this platform for women cricketers to express their views which can help many cricket fans to get connected with them.

Women cricket was not so much popular. There was no publicity about women’s cricket. I didn’t know that a women cricket team exist till 2007. I used to play with my brothers and his friends & slowly begin to gain interest in this game. Even at the school level I and my friend ‘Deepika’ used to play cricket with boys. My journey begins with gully cricket. She shared her journey on how she started playing cricket.

My family is very supportive. It was difficult after my father’s demise. There was a situation when I have to choose between cricket & family. My brother was very supportive of me throughout this difficult phase. He allowed me to participate in the selection match despite such a scenario in the family.

She struggled a lot in her initial days from facing a financial crisis. She stayed at a friend’s house & even on the ground because the transportation cost was too high to go home and come to the ground 2-3 times a day. Because of all these problems she faced, she opened the RCW “Rising Cricket for Women”. So that no one else would face the same problems.

One of the admins of cricket corner associated with RCW. She along with Bidari shared how challenging was the time when many of the girls didn’t even know how to hold the bat & ball. But they had an interest and passion to play cricket. RCW helped them with the basics and will continue to help them.

She praised the national captain Rubina Chhetry for her never give up attitude on the ground. Bidari suggested, young girl, choose cricket only if they want to play without giving up. She also requests CAN organize more franchise cricket for women so that player can get more exposure, also proper camp should be arranged for boosting the young girl’s morale, she added.


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