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Never giving up attitude of RCB fan

From IPL 2008-2021, just one thing remain common in RCB that is virat kohli and just one common hope for RCBian “Ea sala cup namde”

From we are challengers to Ea sala cup namde our slogan also changed but our hope from our team remains the same.RCB might just be a name of the team for the others but for Rcbian its like Emotion.

13 year without the trophy in the cabinet but still every single line from the hearts says Play Bold.13 year or 30 year without the trophy doesn’t matter for true rcbian as love , loyality and support towards the team remain same.

We ain’t the one who will opt to any other team if our team doesn’t wins the trophy , RCBian will keep supporting RCB till their last breath.Never doubt the loyality of RCB fans , i repeat never they don’t cheat or go for second option.

It’s all started from 2008 , its obvious during the 1st season people choosed the team according to their favourite players but after that many get’s addicted to that team no matter which player playing for it.

Same happen with RCBian as well , 60% RCBian were dravid fans during the inaugural season . RCB was thrashed brutally and ended second last in the point table.

Team got crticized and captain got change and in 2009, RCB reached the final going beoyond the expectation of everyone but RCB bottled easy win and dream to lift the trophy was also bottled.

2009 IPL Final DC Vs RCB Highlights | ipl 2009 final highlights | final  highlights | Sports InfoTech - YouTube

RCB was considered as team strong on paper with big names but choker in the tournament. Season per season passed but the dream and hope of RCB fan always remain the same from the team.

We had the horror season 2017-2019 where we ended in bottom of the table but true rcbian was still with the team.

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2017, Match 29  Preview: RCB looking for redemption against SRH |

RCB and RCB fans get mocked and troll every season by season from fan of other teams but that’s not going to affect us.

Now its all about integrity and sovereignty that don’t allow us to change the team. People get addicted to the players but we rcbian is already addicted to our team.

14th season of IPL going to start very soon and yes like always with same enthusiasm and with same hope we gonna support ur team .

“Ea Sala Cup namde”.


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