Message to the Paras khadka by one of his biggest fan ; Subash GC .

Paras khadka : Legend Never retires

August 3, probably one of the biggest day in Nepalese cricket history as Nepal registered their 1st ODI win and just when we Nepalese fans were about to celebrate the anniversary of this magical moment , Paras Khadka the biggest reason behind this magical moment took the internet by a storm by announcing his retirement from International cricket. Fans were shocked as it was not expected this soon . Paras Khadka one of the biggest name in the Neapalese cricket history , the man who took Nepal to a ODI status.

Following his announcement many fans expressed their gratitude and applauded him for his contribution towards Nepalese Cricket. Similarly one of our beloved brother also expressed his emotional gratitude as :

Dear Paras Khadka,

We are shocked with your decision. It’s too early to retire. we had so many hopes and dreams on you. Nepali Cricket is rising. New talents are being discovered. We are witnessing grass root development. You are inspiration for many young cricketers and they dream to make their debut under you. Your presence is enough. I feel you’ve few years to play. There might be few more stories to be unlocked , few more dreams to be achieved.

But Nevertheless, we fan respect your decision and this is how it is. You’ve raised Nepali Team and Nepali Cricket to their all time highest level. we respect your decision .We feel and believe you will still keep contributing for the Nepalese cricket but the difference is this time it will be from off the field. We also feel you might have certain plan and idea for the further growth of Nepalese cricket and that might be seen in near future. Can we fan expect something big coming from you ? You might have announced your retirement from the international cricket but you will never be retire from the heart of every Nepalese cricket fans.

You’re a legend, you’re a hero, you’re an inspiration. Your name will always come first whenever their will be talk on Nepali Cricket .


——Subash GC ( Big fan of Paras khadka and cricket analysist)


Sabin koirala

Sabin koirala sports  journalist by profession working for many online portals . Cricket is my passion and I simply love writing about cricket.

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