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Some of the weird Cricket Rules

In a normal  cricket might seems just as a game between bat and ball. And one normal people can claim its just a contest between bat and ball. But when you get deep into this game, you will be blown by number of rules this game has. You might find Bermuda Triangle simpler than some of the cricketing rules (Eg: DLS).

Today we will be discussing about interesting and funny rules of this game. Let’s start:

  • Helmets are meant for safety, not for helping in taking a catch : If a fielder takes a catch after the ball has hit his cap/helmet, then it is considered as not out.
  •  If the ball hits the roof of the stadium then the delivery is deemed to be dead
  • The game of cricket can be played without bails
  • No appeal no wicket: Even if the batsman is technically out and the fielding side does not appeal, the umpire will not declare him out.
  • Five penalty runs can be awarded in cricket to the batting side, if the ball strikes a fielder’s helmet or any other equipment when it is on the field and not worn by the player. The penalty is also awarded if a fielder willfully stops the ball with anything other than his body..
  • You cannot have more than 2 fielders behind the square on the leg-side in all forms of the game.

There are rules like DLS which is still don’t understand by many even by cricket pundits. Some of the debatable rules of cricket are Mankading , umpire calls during DRS . Rules of soft signal was recently revised by ICC as it was highly controversial.

There are many rules which you can find in the MCC law of cricket online if you want to know more and want to get more deeper.


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