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The Wolf Who Lived For The Pack

Wolves are social animals: they live in families, the strongest wolf becomes a leader. For the rest to listen to them, leaders must have a strong character and determination. All decisions regarding the life of the pack are made precisely by the leader.

Many of us have what i am talking about and about whom , if your guess is Rahul Dravid then yes you are correct. The unsung hero of India behind the success of every youngster. This men opted for Indian A team when offer to coach Indian senior team. Gave his heart out for the indain u-19 team and building their career.

The man drove an existence of straightforwardness, his value for dignity setting an example not only to cricketers but also to people who followed him closely. Dravid’s profession saw him wearing two jobs: one of a cricketer, and the other of a mentor. Furthermore, in the two jobs, Dravid re-characterized the ideal method to satisfy them.

 His career was a castle patiently built brick by brick and he believes in same and inspire his students to the same , he teaches his student there is no shortcut to success , you need to work hard if you want to play for India as just few out of billions get this opportunity.

Dravid was all about simplicity, but even more so about selflessness. Not once did you hear him say “No”; he was always there for his team come what may.

He set a model on the most proficient method to serve his kin without posing any inquiries. At the point when he wore the wicketkeeper’s gloves, when he opened the batting, when he dismissed the doctorate which was offered to him twice, when he rejected the national team coach offer, when he took the backseat while the whole U19 unit was celebrating, when he did not accept the cheque that was given to him after U19 WC victory – time and again, Dravid showed us what it meant to be truly selfless.

He recently denied the credit when the young guns formed under him lead to crus kangaroo on their own soil by saying “they deserve the credit as they did the hard wor”

He gets the credit because he don’t crave for it.

Sabin koirala

Sabin koirala sports  journalist by profession working for many online portals . Cricket is my passion and I simply love writing about cricket.

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