Unknown about my hattrick; realised after the Match- Rubina Chhetry

The craze and love for cricket in Nepal is unconditional. If you follow Nepal women cricket then the national team captain Rubina Chhetry is the household name. Rubina Chhetry established herself as one of the strong foundations of the Nepal women cricket team.

‌It’s been 12 years of her professional cricket journey but the struggles are still the same in terms of finances. In a talk with cricket corner in the clubhouse, she said that she is still staying in the rented residence. Because of this, she thought of quitting cricket, after not getting a passport to travel for the ACC Women’s T20i. But what drives her to continue her journey was the support from her family & cricket admirers. The major turning point of her life was when she was hand over the team responsibility.

Rubina Chhetry added “Thailand Cricket Board” invested in women’s cricket to improve their game. The team was one of the dark horses in the Women T20i World Cup 2020 with their amazing performance. Cricket Association Nepal should focus more on the women’s tournaments so that the players can boost their confidence & sharpen their skills.
‌ The main reason women’s cricket is not flourishing in Nepal is “We don’t have U16, U19 & domestic level matches”, she further added.
Everyone has goals to achieve ” Come with the vision to play for the nation as a professional cricket player, she suggested to aspiring cricketers to be.


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