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What makes Virat Kohli so Special ?

We as a whole know very well Virat Kohli is the best batsman of this modern era, his energy , animosity , hunger for run is essentially un-matchable. But what makes him so great ? well, we will try explain with our point of view.

Virat Kohli was never the most god gifted batsman. Nonetheless, with sheer difficult work, commitment and a solitary point center, he has become the best batsman of his generation. What’s more, he is just further improving as time passes. For him, hard work is certainly not a one-time exertion. It is a lifestyle. hard work will get you to the top, however to support yourself you need discipline. Virat Kohli discipline and his commitment to his game makes him ahead of his competitors.

There is a quote “Love what you do and you will do well in it” this quote directly reflects your passion . Virat Kohli conveys a certifiable enthusiasm/passion for cricket. He needs to do better himself each progressive time and willing to give his 200% for his team.

One big plus to his success is his versatility and adjusting himself as per need of the team and absorbing the pressure , Virat handles pressure like nobody can. On various events he has won India matches which appeared to be lost at a certain point, simply because he held his cool under pressure.

His attitude is his another plus , don’t know about the others but i simply love his attitude. “It is hard to be humble when you are that good” Virat knows this and isn’t hesitant to wear his attitude on his sleeve – the disposition of failing to give up, not getting over-awed by the monstrosity of the main job.

Talking about technique, he is probably the most technically sound batsman of his generation. His game presence is simply outstanding. Best of the best batsman has maximum 2 or 3 shot for one particular delivery but virat has more than 3, no bowler can predict where virat going to him for his similar kind of deliveries. He can play big shots with ease but his main focus is to play risk free shots and take his team home. His this ability makes him clear winner .

They state that not gaining from the defeat is the biggest defeat. A few people learn steadily from the defeat. What’s more, a few people transform into something different out and out even after a single. Virat Kohli is a solid demonstration of the second case.

Sabin koirala

Sabin koirala sports  journalist by profession working for many online portals . Cricket is my passion and I simply love writing about cricket.

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